The world's longest bridge

News | 7 years ago and 77 days and 9 hours | turboen

There were opened the world's longest bridge in China. It's lenght is 42 km and it links Qingdao with Huangdao island.

Bicycle's biz in India

News | 7 years ago and 78 days | turboen

If you don't have a job but you have a bicycle, we have several ideas for you, taken from India. As we can see, there can be sold everything straight from a bicycle. We don't know how this could work out in Poland but if something will go bad, this all stuff from the bicycle can be sold successfully in India.

Creative photomanipulations

News | 7 years ago and 78 days | turboen

Those photos amaze everyone but only when we see a photo which was it's base, we can appreciate craftsmanship of an artist - Michael Oswald.

A woman without a make-up

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The old fact of life tells that a woman's fairness has to be judged just after a shower. In a moment you will find this out, after seeing a woman from the photo below without a make-up.


Sculptured bikes

News | 7 years ago and 78 days and 1 hour | turboen

What can a real bikes' maniac do after the series? If he has a lot of free time and a touch of talent he will e.g. do this:

Jewellery made of bottle caps

News | 7 years ago and 78 days and 1 hour | turboen

A gift like jewellery is a great way to win a woman's heart but it's a very expensive method. And if you don't want to go bankrupt, you can always make and give her something like that:

What did happen here?

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Do you think that it's possible to explain this situation? If you do, tell us what did happen here.

Cameramail - package's way to addressee

News | 7 years ago and 79 days | turboen

Did you ever wonder what happens with a package after sending? Matthew McVickar created a project - cameramail. He sticked a camera to a package and he put an encouraging request for post workers to make them take pictures with places where the package has been during his way to an addressee. In result, the camera were travelling from Cape Cod, Massachusetts until it got to Honolulu with seven photos. Matthew sent three more cameras - to Washington, Japan and Massachusetts, but unfortunately they're gone.

Look straight into their eyes

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Looking straight into eyes of a woman with a beautiful cleavage is very hard, sometimes it's even impossible. If you don't believe, when you will look at that pictures try to point your eyes only straight into theirs.

Bizarre soaps

News | 7 years ago and 80 days | turboen

Does a soap has to be cube-shaped every time? There's a couple of examples that we can be surprized by an unusual thing in the bathroom, either.