Bike parade in Seattle

News | 5 years ago and 349 days and 9 hours | turborotfl

Parade is Seattle has an artistic and apolitical nature, it take place on summer solstice and it’s illegal. But the fact is that some of the participating folks are painted quite extraordinary. In any case look for yourself.


Sheyla Hershey in gifs

News | 6 years ago and 224 days and 10 hours | turborotfl

We know Sheyla Hershey from that she was saved by her world's biggest artificial breast, and today we'll see her in more affecting-imagination movable form.

Top models from English Glamour

News | 5 years ago and 152 days | Macho

Hours spent on the runways were not in vain, fifty beautiful women have been appreciated by the British magazine Glamour, thereby obtaining the title's most popular model in the world.

Pretty Vietnamese model

News | 4 years ago and 185 days and 7 hours | Macho

What do you think how old is this famous Vietnamese model?

Pretty Vietnamese model

Really short shorts II

News | 6 years ago and 79 days and 10 hours | turborotfl

It doesn’t matter of what material they are made, essential for them is to be as short as possible. Are they sports shorts or very short denim shorts, they’re the perfect outfit for summer for beautiful girls. Watch beautiful women and girls in short shorts!

A real place from Counter-Strike

News | 4 years ago and 202 days and 1 hour | Freak

A paintball club, built a faithful copy of the most popular map in Counter-Strike - de_dust2. Now fans of the game can compete against each other in real life, on perfectly copied place. Shooting each other, without making themselves or others any harm.

A real place from Counter-Strike

Cheerleaders in sexy high kick

News | 7 years ago and 23 days and 7 hours | turboen

Pauses during sport competitions can be a pleasant show, too. Especially when on a pitch hot and fit cheerleaders walk in and they show their skills. Such a high kick could beat many brave men.

Messi's wife

News | 4 years ago and 151 days | Macho

Why did I stay in school instead playing football, this is another example that it was a mistake. Meet Antonella Roccuzzo wife of a famous Argentinian player.

Messi's wife

Hot Facebook girls

News | 6 years ago and 351 days and 9 hours | turboen

People use Facebooka for many reasons, one of them are such photos in girls' profiles...

Celebrities boobs

News | 5 years ago and 162 days and 12 hours | Freak

What would you say here, just enjoy

Scarlett Johansson