Privacy Policy

Privacy policy in the Service.

1. Personal data of the Users are processed by the Service Provider in order to run the Service, and in particular to provide the smooth functioning of the Service, as well as to enable the rendering of the service to the User offered within the Service.

2. The Service Provider reserves the right to reveal the selected information regarding the User to the right bodies or third parties, which submit a request for such information, based on the right legal basis and in accordance with the rules of the applicable law. Except the cases indicated in the previous sentence, information regarding the User will not be revealed to any third parties, without the User’s consent.

3. Data about the User, including personal information, will be stored for the period not longer than it is necessary in relation with the usage of the Service, and then will be removed from the Service.

4. Each User has the right to access the contents of his personal data, the right to correct them, supplement and the right to demand to stop processing these data and their removal, by writing to the Service Provider. In case the data determining the usage of separate resources of the Service and offered services within it are deleted, the User loses the possibility to use them.

5. The Service Provider informs that the moment the User connects with the Service, in the system logs of the Service there appears the information about the number (including IP) and the type of User’s final device, from which the User connects with the Service. The Service Provider informs that he will process, in accordance with the law rules, also the data concerning the number (including IP) and the type of the User’s final device and the time of User’s connection with the Service and other operating data concerning the User’s activity in the Service. These data are processed in particular for technical purposes and to collect general statistic information.

6. The Service Provider uses cookies in order to gather information connected with the usage of the Service by the User.

7. The Service Provider pays attention that the processing (including sharing) by the User in the Service of personal data of other people, not constituting the processing exclusively for personal or domestic purposes, may be associated with the obligation of fulfilling of obligations by the User resulting from the Act about the protection of personal data.

8. If the User places in the Service any personal data of other people (including their name and surname, image, address, phone number or e-mail address), he may only do this on condition of not violating rules of the applicable law and personal rights of these people.

9. The Service Provider declares that he will do all his best to provide the Users with the high level of safety within the usage of the Service. All events having the influence on the safety on the transfer of information, including also the suspicions of sharing files with viruses and other files of similar character or other ones than those of a similar nature, should be reported to the Service Provider to the account

10. At the same time, the Service Provider declares that the modern techniques used for the protection of the Service of the access to data and Contents are used to provide the highest level of security, but for technical reasons they cannot fully guarantee the confidentiality and transmitted information.

11. The User is entitled to use the data made available by other Users of the Service only in relation with the usage of the Service, unless he gets the permission from those Users to process their data in the scope or in order exceeding beyond the usage of the Service.

12 Movement on the sites of the service is monitored by statistics of Google Analytics. This aims at collecting data about the way and popularity of using our sites. Using the sites of the service you agree for your data to be analysed by Google Analytics in the herein described purposes.